Software Development Firm: What We Do

You’ve got an idea. We can help you with it. It’s that simple! Probably you’ve always dreamed of making an app that will make a million dollars. Or, let’s assume, you already have a million dollars firm but you want to make it more efficient so it would earn a billion dollars. In both cases, our development agency is ready to take care of it with all thoroughness required for such a delicate task.

Our services

Our software company works with many clients and has a major experience in satisfying needs of diverse industries. Acute professionalism, attention to details, and strict quality control are main principles of our firm. While our designers improve their skills with every new project, our coders and software engineers never stop learning the new ways of embodying your ideas with such programming languages as C++, C#. Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. All this knowledge, combined with customer-oriented service, makes us able to create custom software for your firm’s exact purposes.

Creation of Specialized software for businesses

Any business is a unique structure that obeys its own laws and rules. Our developing company understands it and is very flexible in this regard. You may be a large business with over a hundred employees, which needs an efficient and practical corporational software for automatization of its workflow or a young firm that suffers the lack of resources while preparing its final version of a revolutionary app. It makes no difference for our software development firm is capable of working with businesses of any size and demands.

Custom software development

Depending on industry and requirements, your firm might need a particular approach to the development of custom software. In any case, our agency is going to immerse into details of your workflow. Must your future application or software meet few strict rules of compatibility with earlier versions or other programs? Or your code has a certain technical or markup specifications? Maybe you’d like to add some functionality, but don’t know how to bring it into your current software? Our software company is firmly sure of its competence. Of course, you can always use ready solutions like Salesforce or Microsoft Project, but if you need certain features for your task, it’s worth to order a hand-crafted software most of the times.

Integration between mobile and desktop applications

Most of today’s software operates in clouds, which means that the most of its data is stored on a remote server, which can be accessed from any device. The hardest part in building these apps is making them approachable from any gadget, allowing them to transfer data between not just different operating systems, but even different types of devices. It takes a lot of practice and skill to learn how to get this feature into a multifunctional software that is resource-hungry and yet have to process large amounts of data. It’s logical to presume that if your business requires mobility and availability, you’d better include this trait with help of an experienced software development firm.
  • Frameworks in software development

  • .NET Framework

  • Apache

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Node.js

  • Ionic & Java Script

Frameworks in software development

Luckily for most developers, they don’t have to invent same functions over and over again but can use ready software called frameworks. There are lots of them, and they are all responsible for various tasks in application or website structure. Some fit for the development of mobile software, others are used in internet products and rest are applied in an enormous variety of other fields. Frameworks’ name stands for itself — they are the basis of our future program, which shapes its body and the ways it will work. Our software development firm uses frameworks for a spectrum of tasks, so we’re obliged to know them thoroughly. Here are some of the tools that we use in our everyday practice.

.NET Framework

A must-have technology for lots of programmers, .NET Framework provides our coders ability to create applications and programs for Microsoft Windows operating system. Sometimes .NET Framework is used to build software for other platforms than Windows, but it requires the installation of additional software. .NET Framework was created as a competitor for Java Virtual Machine owned by Sun Microsystems, but in the long run, it has become a stand-alone programming tool, designed specifically for Windows operating systems.


Apache Software Foundation has issued lots of software, but for the most web developers it’s known for Apache Axis and Apache CXF — Java-oriented frameworks, serving to ease the lives of developers by providing solutions for a variety of tasks “from the box.” Its bilingual nature allows developers use their favourite language and fit it to a platform they’re working on. It interprets Java or C++ into website or application and allows to test its functionality in a sandbox. Its bilingual nature makes Apache one of the favourite developer’s tools. Moreover, it’s an open source product, which means it’s free and suitable for any particular given task.

Ruby on Rails

The most popular Ruby framework, Ruby on Rails is one of the best tools for the creation of web services in Ruby programming language. Apart from it being extremely helpful for Ruby users, it also provides an extreme range of plugins, also called “gems”, that grant ready parts of the code for a bunch functions such as authentication, registration, processing databases, and “humanization” of site addresses. Even though it’s not as popular as .NET Framework or Node.js, Ruby on Rails stands behind such great projects as Twitter, Airbnb, SoundCloud, Kickstarter, and even legendary developers community GitHub.


Usually used as a testing environment for web applications, Node.js can also be exploited as a tool for software development. It has spawned a side project io.js but then incorporated it back in its structure and came out with an update two years ago. Common between programmers, Node.js is used in corporate systems of such IT-giants as Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, and Yahoo!

Ionic & Java Script

Ubiquitous iOS and Android developer’s tool, Ionic unleashes its true power paired with another framework — Angular.js for JavaScript. It may also be used with one of Apache frameworks that were mentioned before. It has a dominant CSS component and is one the most developer-friendly and easy-to-learn tools for native and web applications at the moment.framework compensates its lack of popularity with excellent documentation and ability to automatically build code from JavaScript into any mobile platform program, whether it be, Microsoft Mobile, Android or iOS.

Outsourcing development: pros and cons

The key to success of any software company is in its team members. We believe that it’s important to keep the balance between all parts of them. Thankfully to outstanding experience our agency knows where and when spend resources and time. Depending on a specific task our managers set assignments for designers and coders, using their potential to the maximum.
Considering outsourcing development, you should always remember that this type of firms always starts the building of your project from scratch. It doesn’t mean that your guidelines or wishes won’t be considered, it’s just an indicator of an individual approach for every task given. But one must also remember that sometimes it may be expensive and time-consuming to order custom software in an outsourcing company. It makes no difference what type of software you’re looking for and size of your enterprise, you will always go through these steps in the process of development.


You need a new corporate mail client with wide functionality. So Microsoft Outlook and Gmail cannot satisfy your needs. Or, let’s say, you want a unique CRM software that will be completely different from most of existing CRM systems. Maybe you urge for an application with an extreme and unusual functionality for your clients that’s never been done before. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, we’ll help with gathering your wishes into a strict concept.


Once again, we love your ideas, and we want to transfer it to users smartphones and desktops accurately. Our software company will help you answer many questions, such as what platform you want to support with your fantastic application. If it’s a corporate software, does it have to communicate with your other services? How much time do we have to make this software? How much money are you to spend on it? These crucial questions are resolved at this stage of pre-development.


When our team knows what you need, the project architect can plan how to realise your project and we start the development process. Based on the agreed functional demands we create a software requirement specification. And put all the things at it’s places.As the next step, our designers construct layouts and wireframes of your coming software. So you would know what to expect from your future application. Its primary interface, its interaction with the user, its appearance — all this and much more is determined at this phase.


As soon as we’re settled with the functionality of your future software, our programming unit gets into action. They write thousands and thousands of line of code that will later become your application or a website, and as they do it, they also assure that everything works just as expected. At this point, they use all their knowledge of Java, C++, Swift, etc. to make your ideas literally palpable. Sometimes debugging is included in this stage, sometimes it’s a separate process, e.g. when an application is too big and coding team is just incapable of checking it through.

Release and checkout

When the code is written, the mistakes are found and fixed, and design is flawless, it’s time to release your software. But it doesn’t mean we won’t further assist you in working with your new application. Whether it be patches or help with documentation, our team is always there to help you out and make our product even better.

Let’s do it together!

Our software developing firm is here to to make your ideas real, to support them, turn them into a beautiful application that will serve your business in return. Whether you’re audacious startup or expanding conglomerate of companies, our agency is ready to realise any project you want, designed and developed especially for your needs. It’s only one step that separates your ideas from brilliant fulfillment, just contact us now and prepare for a joy ride.