Outsource App Development: Nothing But Benefits!

We are the team of experienced specialists, who are keen on custom app development for all sorts of businesses and purposes, including healthcare, finance, real estate and property management, education and much more. Our design company will consult you through every step of production — from structuring the idea to post-release support and the ways of monetization.

What we offer

Our outsource app development company provides services in app design and creation. Designers and coders, project managers and software architects, business consultants and marketers — all these people blend their skills to build an application that will be loved by users and brings value for your business. Whether it’s a standalone app or a corporate integration software, our development team is ready to develop it according to your needs and desires.

Is it safe to outsource software development?

When it comes to outsourcing, many clients ask these questions:
  • Who is responsible for the quality of the final product?
  • Is it guaranteed that my money won’t get lost?
  • How can I trust a developer if I can’t see him in person?
  • What if my idea gets stolen?
  • Why not just hire more staff to handle this?
First of all, we’re developers, not a startup, so our agency definitely won’t rip-off your ideas and present it as our own. For us, it’s nothing but construction work, and it might be compared with the situation of being afraid of builders that can steal your blueprints. Secondly, we seal deals with all the papers required and guarantee that you will have complete control over every cent. It’s understandable that it might be confusing to trust your company’s future into the hands of some random people. Our agency has a story and been appraised by many enterprises before, and you can find their feedback on this site. Our company is always responsible for the final work, and it would be amateur of us to leave at least one client unsatisfied.
  • Comparison of outsource development companies over the world

  • US and Europe

  • Post-Soviet states

  • Asia

Comparison of outsource development companies over the world

Basically, all freelance workers and outsource development companies come from three regions:

- US and Europe;

- Post-Soviet states (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.);

- Asia.

Each one of those regions’ companies has its advantages and disadvantages, and we’re going to examine them through.

US and Europe

Outsourcing development agencies from this region are famous for the outstanding quality of their work. Sure, their services don’t come very cheap, but you may be sure that you get the finest application money can buy in the shortest time with no catches.

Post-Soviet states

There’s no doubt that partnership with this type of companies might be troublesome: you still get lost in translation and difference in time zones. Of course, some of the agencies from this region are capable of doing pretty much the same job that you’d get from their US and European competitors for a higher wage in comparison with Indian developers. But would you rather save a couple of dollars or get your ideas understood in the right way?


Having ill repute among developers and businesses owners, Indian outsourcing services come relatively cheap, but a question mark always hangs over the quality of the final product. Moreover, these developers mentality, as well as the language barrier, may deal severe damage to the building process. Also, you shouldn’t forget about time zone differences, when you get stuck in the situation where your developer goes to bed when you wake up, thus making the whole project uncontrollable and sloppy.
In summa, it’s crucial to remember: cheaper isn’t always better since you’ll have to fix a messy application over and over again (if you get in the first place). Sometimes it might be more beneficial to find the right balance between price and quality, firstly, the quality of outsource app development team.

Advantages of outsourcing app development

How to efficiently outsource app creation? Now it’s time to tell you about the pros of outsourcing in application development. In fact, for some of the projects, it might be better to send them to a specialized company than try to do it by oneself. Here’s why.

Individual approach

Every application our company makes is anew and built in agreement with your wishes and expectations. We will dig into your business to get into ways you do it and will follow them, implementing necessary functionality and creating value.

Total control

Since it’s your app and your idea, you are going to be the overseer above the whole development process. Most mobile software companies don’t let their clients know the details about the current state of business, while our agency guarantees that you will always know what’s going on with your money and future application.


As experienced developers, our team doesn’t focus on one type of apps. You might need a medical software or application for tourism — our agency can do both and even more. Ideas are universal, and our outsource app development agency is here to turn them into splendid applications.

The team is here!

Sometimes it’s easier to find an already packed team of developers than search for new workers for your company and teach them from the basics. Nobody doubts your staff, but wouldn’t it be wiser to give them more relevant tasks and concentrate on your business expansion? Making applications is our business, and we’ve mastered it for a long time.

Niches we already have experience in

Our mobile software company has managed to fulfill the needs of many clients, and our presence on the market is at least noticeable. Our outsource organization have managed to develop hundreds of application, and diversity of their purposes is astonishing. These are only a few of those industries our apps are involved in at the moment:


Indeed, healthcare software development is one of the most valuable niches for us, since it’s more than just applications — it’s user's’ life and health that are on the board. Our company is incredibly sensible on this matter, and we always apply all the forces to protect client’s data and repeat QA tests few times before it’s certain that it works correctly. Planning and development in healthcare may be expressed with one of the principles of the Hippocratic Oath: “Either help or do no harm.” Modern healthcare apps are varied in the ways the work. Some require user’s participation, e.g. filling data about their nutrition or types of exercises done. Others act silently, just scanning user’s vital signs and giving them recommendations on their diet or workout plan.

Transport and logistics

Nowadays there are GPS modules built in our phones, tablets, cars, and even watches sometimes. But few of us know that most of the delivery companies and logistic services track their carriers and send them to the next pick up point according to their location and traffic situation. That way they can work with higher efficiency and save money from hiring too many shippers, since these companies are can deploy carriers on-the-run, finding the nearest ones. Public transport and taxis work in the same way, providing passengers detailed information on the time of arrival, approximate time on the road and the time they’ll get at the destination point.


Education is probably one of the fastest growing parts of the modern economy. Mobile apps’ merits here shine like nowhere else: you can download a whole library or university course on your smartphone and learn wherever you are. Also, educational mobile apps provide students possibility to ask their questions directly to the teacher or discuss them in forums. The main disadvantage of online education, in general, is that the knowledge that students get in most of the times can’t be certified or thoroughly checked, but it doesn’t seem to stand in the way of such services like Coursera and Duolinguo.


Even 30 years ago being an exchange broker was a tough job: constant lack of information and inability to contact your colleagues made them work almost blindfolded. Thankfully, today all these problems can be solved with just one application. Smartphone or tablet can be an immensely powerful device with right software installed on it. Nowadays it can gather all the information needed and represent it in refined graphs and charts, providing its user the possibility to react on any event with the speed of lightning or analyze data with the speed of few professional accountants.

Ready to serve!

So here is our mobile development company, offering you our services as an outsource app development company, hoping that your ideas will become real through our hands. Our agency happy to work for an enthusiastic startup and for a prospering conglomerate of businesses. What actually matters is the team that makes it. Of course, you’re free to give your in-house coders a task for one and a half year of development, but do you have that much time? Especially when you can finish the same project within a couple of months? Why overload your staff, when you can find people who are familiar with this sort of tasks? Overall, a certain amount of expertise is necessary in this field, and you don’t want to blow your money and (what’s more important!) time for something that won’t work. In these circumstances outsource development seems like the reasonable choice.
Now it’s just one step that separates you from making your dreams touchable. We are sure that your ideas and brilliant — they just need a correct embodiment, and that’s what our mobile software company here for. You know about outsourcing advantages and flaws, and able to choose the right way. Just keep in mind that it’s always better to find a competent professional for an average wage than to tangle in the ways applications work. It’s relatable to any business; the major principle stays the same: focus on what’s paramount. Just send your info, and we will contact you.