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Our company has one of the leading parts in the play of mobile app development, and if you are in search for someone who could make you a flawless application, our team is ready to help!

Our agency

As experienced and professional developers based in the USA, our team does an extensive range of things for you and your business. A bunch of enthusiasts who work as a whole one are willing to make the world better and give digital life to your ideas. High expertise in development tools and continuing practice in this area made our understanding of mobile software development precise and profound at the same time.
Our IT agency provides these services:
  • Consultancy on cost, time expenses, and available niches for your mobile software;
  • iOS app development services;
  • Android app development service;
  • QA tests and troubleshooting;
  • The building of UX/UI design.
Our company stands for the client-oriented approach in everything: from the discussion of your ideas to the update’s release. It’s hard to earn one’s trust, but our team specialises in excelling the expectations.

What makes a good mobile app developer?

Our company has gathered many famous app developers, but a few ever wondered: “what makes them so good?” In our opinion, to achieve certain success in this field (especially in the US), one must learn to use any opportunity to grow as a professional and dedicate as much time to his craft as possible. That’s the way our developers chose, and they stick up to it because they love it. But aside from loyalty to their job, our team members have these crucial perks:
  • Ability to think outside the box;
  • Punctuality and time management skills;
  • Unquenchable thirst for knowledge and practice;
  • Preparedness to sacrifice their interests to satisfy the client.
Evidently, this is industry also demands the ability to work with the team and much more, but these mentioned before are essential, and our digital agency guarantees that our developers fit all these requirements.
  • Types of mobile apps and the ways of their distribution

  • Apple App Store

  • Windows Store

  • Software for mobile app development

  • Java

  • HTML5

Types of mobile apps and the ways of their distribution

If we’d put together all the mobile app markets together, there would be about 6 million of apps in total. And just like the World Ocean, this ocean of mobile software is divided into smaller oceans and seas. In this section, we will tell you about the major app stores and their features.

Google Play

This mobile software market, formerly known as Android Market, has been bread for the Android app developers for almost a decade. In this time, it has managed to accumulate in its vaults more than 2 million applications. Even though some consider it unsafe and lacking class, Google Play is the leading player in this field at the moment.

Apple App Store

The second largest application market, App Store has surpassed the milestone of 2 million programs in 2016, and this number is surely going to grow. This is a specialised store for the iOS operating system and a pillar for anyone who’s using Apple hardware. App Store is renowned for its strict control over its content: developers complain about tough requirements on their software, but in this case, the users are the winning side because they get checked and safe applications. Most business owners prefer Apple App Store development over other markets due to its high-profitable nature. In the first quarter of 2016, applications in this store have managed to earn twice as much as Google Play’s programs.

Windows Store

Firstly, let’s clear this out: there are two Windows Stores at the moment. One, called Windows Phone Store is all about smartphones and tablets run by Windows Mobile. The other is named Windows Store and is in charge of desktop applications. At the moment, Windows Phone Store merges with Windows Store under the name of the last one. Microsoft states that there are about 700 000 applications for Windows Mobile operating system and it looks like this number will increase drastically in the next few years.

Miscellaneous stores and marketplaces

Aside from these three whales, there are at least two significant markets that have to be mentioned: Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World. The first in charge of applications for Amazon Kindle, while the second one provides software for BlackBerry users. Both are not as large as App Store or Google Play, but they make about one million applications combined. And since BlackBerry has decided to focus on mobile software development, we’re about to see their attempts to conquer this market.
One thing is indisputable — there’s an app for everything. Games, healthcare, education, finances, shopping, communication — all the areas of human life are backed up with an appropriate app nowadays.

Software for mobile app development

The are dozens of ways to develop a mobile program, but our team uses only the finest and most universal software to make your applications available for the biggest amount of devices. Our coders know many programs and frameworks for the creation of mobile software, but these may be considered essential and nearly omnipotent in terms of this industry.


The cornerstone of iPhone and iPad app development, Objective-C comes from the C programming language family and is extensively used in the building of iOS applications. Even though Apple tries to surpass its influence by the promotion of its own programming tool, Swift, Objective-C still holds the lead in this area. Its flexibility might be confusing for inexperienced coders, but in skilful hands, it may become a powerful instrument for the realisation of the most ambitious plans.


Essential programming tool for any Android developer, Java is the pillar of Android SDK. It’s much easier to learn than Objective-C due to its strict rules, but to it takes a lot of time to truly master it. This language is also used for the creation of various web apps for any sort of browsers. The main disadvantage of Java lays in its resource-demanding performance, which adds more troubles for any developer who is making an application for weak machines. But it still doesn’t stop this programming language from being one of the most popular development tools


For 20 years HTML was used solely as a markup language that tells browsers about the imagining the web pages and the positioning of their elements. But with the release of HTML5 two years ago the game has changed, and nowadays it is exploited in the creation of hybrid and web apps, which are accessible from any device. It’s not as powerful as Objective-C or Java, but it does its job and allows to create relatively simple programs for simple tasks.
Surely, there’s an enormous amount of tools for mobile software development — languages, tools, virtual machines, etc., but our mobile app developer company values versatility more than anything. Al in all, the more devices support your program, the better, right?

Advantages of the custom mobile app development

When it comes to the choice between custom and in-house development, most businessmen ask these legitimate questions:
  • What can custom software provide in comparison with in-house app creation?
  • How can one control the outsourcing process?
  • What happens if I’m not satisfied with the results of the development?
First of all, you must understand that our US team consists of professionals, who are experienced in this industry and care for their reputation more than for quick money. This said they cherish quality of their work to fulfil your needs and leave a good impression of our company. During the development process, they will consult you on every detail and inconsistency that you might find troubling. Because of this meticulous approach towards clients, our company never gives up until the moment your goals are accomplished.
But aside from these perks, custom application development provides many useful features, such as complete integration with your company’s data and services, the addition of any functions that your business might require, and gaining tonnes of spare time for your coders. How to spend this time is up to you, but it undoubtedly can increase your company’s productivity.

Well-known mobile app developers from US?

Even though the world nowadays is more decentralised than ever, USA still holds the banner of one of the most famous and vibrant cities on the planet. Due to this circumstance, Amerika attracts the greatest minds, and its community of developers is one of the strongest that’s out there. Our company doesn’t pretend to be the finest among others, especially in the USA, but we know how to get the job done neatly with affordable time and money expenses. Consistent practice is the key to our success and your satisfaction, so our mobile app developers from US never stops self-improvement and learning new ways to create astounding applications for your business.
It’s a great honour for our USA mobile app developers to make them real. All you have to do is share your wishes in the form below, and our team will get you in no time!