Custom Software Development Services For You!

An excellent team of software developers is here to build marvelous programs for you and your business! Our firm brings exclusive digital solutions for any sort of companies, and we’d like you to be our next client!

What is custom software?

Generally speaking, any software that can’t be bought “off-the-shelf” is custom. But in our company, there’s more to that. We get inside the minds of our clients and guess their wishes. Our company creates custom software that covers all your needs and sometimes even goes a bit beyond. Logistics, timetables, e-mail clients, archive, and much more — our custom software development service can provide an excessive range of functions and tasks for your business.

Custom software development services that we provide

As an experienced agency in the field of software development, our company offers an extensive range of services that are connected with this process, such as:
  • Software consultancy. We will help you understand how to achieve your goals with the help of modern IT;
  • Creation of custom programs for you and your business growth;
  • Audit, rework, and improvement of your existing applications;
  • Promotion and marketing for the software, created by our team;
  • Making of UX/UI design;
  • QA testing for any software.
Skilled programmers, designers, and software architects combine their talents to build the applications that will not only enforce your business but also leave you dazzled by its efficiency. It makes no difference to our company what kind of business you run. It might be a fast-food startup or heavy machinery manufacturer; our team has learned the ways to make your custom software unmistakably fitting into your enterprise’s system.

Advantages of custom software

You might ask yourself: “Why should I run for a custom programming services?” and that’s fair because some businesses don’t really need functionality above “from-the-box” software. But if you need some extra features that are vital to your company’s workflow, you should consider custom software development services. Just imagine the benefits you get with a tailored software!
  • Full compatibility with your data and current programs;
  • Unique features that will make your competitors green with envy;
  • Development from scratch to ensure that this software will fit your company’s goals;
  • Complete protection from any external threats since it’s much harder to crack a non-standard code;
  • Support and troubleshooting at any time you meet any inconveniences with this software;
  • Your programs will always be up-to-date because we provide renovations quickly and masterfully.
These are only a few of many benefits that custom software has in front of “off-the-shelf” solutions, but the main idea is that with bespoke applications you’ll get more exclusive functions and fewer troubles with maintenance.
  • Medicine and healthcare

  • Education

  • Logistics and delivery

  • Benefits of custom software development

  • Retail

  • Industries that can benefit from a custom software

Medicine and healthcare

Patient cards, prescriptions, accounting, and tons of documentation go through hospitals every day. Back in the days, all this information had to be filed down by real people, but today it’s much easier to develop and use an appropriate software rather than just stack papers in the archive. A proper program can ease the lives of your employees and provide them more time to save lives and take care of patients when at the same time they will be able to research any needed information in organized databases.


Even if you have a small store, it must be a headache to keep reporting straight and neat. And if you own an international network of shopping malls this task may turn into an actual migraine. Thankfully, with a proper custom software your accountants will have enough of spare time to improve their books. You can also use the technologies from logistics industry to ensure that your customers always get their orders on time.

Logistics and delivery

Another industry, where custom software may come in handy, is the shipment of goods. In this business, monstrous amounts of data are processed with outstanding precision. But today these masses of information have grown to gargantuan amounts with the flood of GPS modules in devices. Sure, it provides companies more control over carriers and new ways to make their work effective, but it takes much more resources and skills to work with this kind of statistics. To help your managers and routers in this mission, you can order an application that will do all the dirty job for them.

Benefits of custom software development

These are the first industries that come in the head when you think about collaboration between custom software development and large industries. Of course, the smaller the branch, the more specific and unique features it requires, but after years of practice our agency came to the conclusion that any business can take these advantages of a custom written software:

- Structured data;

- Quick search and sampling of relevant information;

- Transparent budgeting of all implemented procedures;

- Automation of reporting and daily routine paperwork.


Even if you have a small store, it must be a headache to keep reporting straight and neat. And if you own an international network of shopping malls this task may turn into an actual migraine. Thankfully, with a proper custom software your accountants will have enough of spare time to improve their books. You can also use the technologies from logistics industry to ensure that your customers always get their orders on time.

Industries that can benefit from a custom software

Any company in any branch can take advantage of custom software, but there are some of them who would win more. Basically, these industries deal with massive amounts of data, and it’s crucial to have programs that can process them. In this section, we will name only a few of those markets which are hard to imagine without a proper custom software.

Steps in software development

Our custom software development service is renowned for its transparent policy towards clients, and we keep on abiding this principle. In this part, we will tell how the development process works from within to make your fears and suspicions disappear.


You have an image of on application of your dream, and that is awesome. Our agency will transform this idea into a vague and amorphous concept with which our team can work. This stage is all about your expectations, and there’s more talking than real planning, but it’s crucial to the whole process.


At this stage, we discuss the whole idea of your coming custom software and arrange the process of development. To do this, you must point out few critical moments, such as the platform for which it will be created, the mandatory functions required, and the possible ways of monetization (if needed). To to this, our team will inspect every aspect of your business and will find the best ways of integration our custom software into your existing business.


When a plan is settled, our designers get to work. They create a basic wireframe that includes the most necessary screens and primitive visual effects. It’s done to show you how will it look and get feedback from you. When the essential arrangement is complete and accepted, they start to manipulate with colors and advanced design features, such as blur, bounce, shadows, etc.


You know how your software will look, but how will it work? The answer to this question lies within our programming branch, where the true magic is made. These guys make your application work smoothly and efficiently by putting incredible code behind a genuine design. Most of the features are added at this point, so you can still change your mind on their quantity and look.


Before releasing your fabulous software, our team performs a series of tests to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with it and that everything works just the way you want it. They check everything: installation process, compatibility with your machines and operating systems, UX/UI, and all the rest paramount parameters.


When the functionality of your custom software is checked comes the time for correction of minor errors that won’t crash your program but can spoil the user’s experience from using it. Our custom software development service has a strong feeling of responsibility for our products so that we won’t miss any of these little inaccuracies.

Release and support

Now that you have your very own custom software, you are free to use it in any way you want. But this doesn’t mean that our agency will abandon you from this point. On the contrary, we would love to keep improving your application by adding new features and keeping it up-to-date!

Instruments for software development

Custom software development requires complete dedication and a lot of skill in this area. Our team takes pride in both these aspects, and now it’s time open the curtains a little to tell you about some of the technologies that we use in our job.

Programming languages

Since custom software would be impossible without code, we will start with essential part of any application — the ways in which machines and human beings can interact. Some of these languages are more common, some are not, but our custom software development service can guarantee that our developers have learned all their wits:
  • C-family languages that include C++, C#, Objective-C, and Java;
  • JavaScript and its frameworks such as Angular.js, Node.js, etc.
  • Ruby and its principal framework Ruby on Rails;
  • Other various languages, including Perl, Python, PHP and many more!

Designing tools

Since programming code is usually inaccessible for most of the regular users, it’s necessary to put it into a form of an efficient and astonishing design. Our UI/UX branch exists to make the lives of your users easier with these instruments:
  • Adobe family that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign;
  • Sketch;
  • Flat UI;
  • FontShop;
  • Kuler;
  • Invision.
Now you know pretty much about custom software. But do you want to know how good does it feel to know that your programs are one of a kind? That they meet the requirements of your particular business? That they it’s secure and comfortable at the same time? Give your ideas a chance.

We are the custom software makers

Our team has a broad experience in the area of a custom software, and it knows what you need. And you need a powerful tool for your business. Nothing more, nothing less. We get this, and we are good at this. Years and years of practice made our service what it is now — a place where overwhelmingly proficient performers meet with daring clients. From this union comes incredible custom software that fills you with satisfaction about the job that’s been done and us with pride for it. Our firm is ready to create the project for you.